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WildBloom Vegan Lip Gloss

Product Description: A shimmering combination of all-natural, vegan ingredients leaves lips with a plump and glossy pink-blush finish. All-natural cocoa butter formulation gives off the scent of chocolate as it melts when massaged into lips.


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WildBloom Skincare is a woman-owned, Wilton, CT- based all-natural skincare company dedicated to creating healthy, safe skincare products formulated with only simple, effective ingredients with no added chemicals or fragrances. Recently certified by Wilton Go Green at the platinum level, WildBloom consistently works towards increasing their sustainability efforts, using recyclable, natural and organic materials whenever possible. Along with a passion for pure skincare and planet, owner Alison Smith also believes staying educated is critical, and literacy is the first step towards that greater knowledge, “We really believe that when consumers know what is in the products that they use, they will always make the decision to go natural.” WildBloom currently donates a book for every product sold to charitable organizations supporting education and childhood literacy.