Amoré 6 Piece Sculpture Stackable Bamboo Bowl Set - MoCA Westport

Amoré 6 Piece Sculpture Stackable Bamboo Bowl Set

Amoré is a beautifully designed 6 piece stacking contemporary sculpture bowl set in the shape of a vase. Each unique piece stacks upon the next to create a “fluid” vase shape in its own self-storing system. Made from 100% sustainable natural bamboo fiber, Amoré Bamboo Bowl Set is designed to be showcased and used in any kitchen or displayed on any dining room table and perfect for our modern lifestyle. Each Amoré bowl has its own unique color and shape making them usable as individual serving pieces for both hot and cold food. These bowls are perfect for serving anything: soups, stews, appetizers or even desserts. The possibilities are endless and also perfect for entertaining!


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  • Dishwasher safe, light yet sturdy, not for use in microwave
  • Great for everyday use and entertaining parties.
  • Melamine and petroleum free product
  • Set contains one each of 15-cup, 4-cup, 3-1/2-cup, 3-1/4-cup, 2-1/4-cup, 1-1/2-cup capacity

100% Natural Fiber, Melamine Free and Dishwasher Safe.

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